Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Panhandling in Calgary

If you're somewhere in Downtown of a major North American city, shopping, walking or doing whatever, chances that you're left alone and not approached by a panhandler is very slim. I only say about my experiences here and I'm really tired of this but first let's see who these people are. I have no clear statistics but there's no need to say that most of the people who have ever approached me were Aboriginals and then Caucasians occupy the second spot. There were these past two recent encounters that I'd like to mention here:
1) I was sitting in a local Tim Horton's working on my volunteering things. I at times go to this Tim Horton's because unlike McDonald's not that many hobo, drug dealer, Native and former poor prostitute visit it! However it looked to me that I was wrong on that day. I have to add that certain Horton's location is a gathering point for a certain ethnic people, which I have not seen anything wrong from them in the past few times that I visited the location. So I was sitting and a Caucasian young guy in hoody, a black jacket and a backpack, which is a sign of being homeless most of the time(!), steps in. I need to focus on my work but at the same I have to have an eye on the surrounding because I definitely don't want anyone to grab my little computer and bolt out! He garbs a paper and approaches a young guy who is sitting nearby watching something on his little screen. It appears that he demands money because I hear the young fella saying that he had bought the coffee and has no money. He's a young Black guy, tall like a basketball player and maybe 20. Then he turns to me and asks the same fucking stupid question. I feel bad for these people and especially now that its fatally cold, they have to check into libraries, cafes, you name it to survive. I look at him and he's a young fella, well-groomed and probably between 26 and 30, and say nothing for a few seconds. He gazes back at me and demands an answer. I'm sick of these guys. So I tell him: Look at you! You are well-shaven and you look even better than me. You even are wearing a better and newer jacket compare to mine! He's a little surprised that fucking Black guy keeps saying: Relax! relax! I said: You have to know to whom you'er going to! I'm a fucked up guy! He says nothing but I just needed change and leaves.
The other day I was on a LRT platform in frigid cold and a woman approaches me this time! She's Caucasian close to her 30's. She has a brand new runners and brand new jacket but it's obvious that she's cold! She's ugly compare to most of Caucasian girls. This is the words that we exchanged:
Girl: How are you? (looking at me directly)
Me: I'm bad.
Girl: I'm bad too. (I'm checking her out)
Me: Yeah.
Girl: Could you help me with a few dollars?
Me: I was going to ask you the same! 
Girl: Oh! OK. (Walks away!)

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