Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Best News of 2016

We are approaching to the end of 2016. The year which many, including me, believe has been a very tough year. I have been unemployed the entire freaking year. So have been many others. I lost a few good opportunities which could turn my life around. However just in the last day I heard something that enlightened some hope. I will write about that in a separate post before the end of the year.
However something I read yesterday which I believe is the best news of 2016. You can call me anything you want but I truly enjoyed the news when I heard it: A wealthy, disgusting, blood-sucking pig was shot in front of his multi-million dollar home in Calgary in his fucking Rolls-Royce
This nasty, worse-than-cockroach creature which (not who!) sounds from East Indian origin was apparently the president of Strategic Group. I have nothing against East Indians and in fact I will be going to India to enjoy their food, the beautiful places and history one day and as proof I bought a Mix Pickle from an East Indian store in the city and it's very good (Shan brand) but I hate both greedy and cheap people. 
In case you don't know this company, Strategic Group,  owns several buildings in the city which lease them out to companies and such. I know that the day that all these disgusting creatures are shot in the head never comes, unfortunately at least in my time but I hope in a capitalist society that the rich always robs the poor, all of the similar people are killed but not the way that this nasty animal got killed. They should be tortured to death. They should be tortured for months and then die of hunger, thirst and pain worse than concentration camps. The only difference is the people who died in those camps were innocent civilians. These are freaking disgusting creatures which (not who!) deserve to get killed by the way of torture. Seriously. And last thing: I hope they shot him in the head or to be specific in the eye and he suffered much pain when he was dying. At the end, and it's not very important, I would like to add that this pig was subject of multi-million lawsuits which he would probably come out a winner from them as these guys hire wise lawyers and pay them plenty! Sorry man (the greedy lawyer) one of your sources of income is gone!
(Photo: The vehicle of the disgusting pig in front of his fenced property in Calgary. Looks like whoever did this favour got him when he was behind the wheel. Apparently he lost control and hit somewhere or something. Who cares? The important thing is he is ceased to existence! By the way a vehicle like this costs probably around $500,000! It is unbelievable that in the world that is in such a chaos people still think of such extravagant vehicle.I saw one when I was in Munich in BMW Welt. I guess BMW has purchased Rolls-Royce, not that it is important! One of the guys whom I was working with, named Stray Dog, had a good point once. He said the world's situation is similar to 1914 when the WWI started! He asked me whether I thought that would happen soon?! I know there are people in the US who convince that WWIII is inevitable especially after Russia annexed Crimea but it is not that bad. While these are subjects of different posts, which I hopefully write about in near future, we [I and the Stray Dog] never got the chance to discuss this. before I go, I was reading an article in Maclean's about how Iran-Iraq War still is going on and that was interesting. The columnist was saying that what happened to the oil market in 2015 and 2016 is similar to what happened in the mid./late 80's and in both cases the US intended to harm both the Soviet Union [now Russia] and Iran. This could also be another topic. By the way read about this fucking Stray Dog to know him a little bit. He still works for the same company and I was kicked out more than a year ago! Why/ Because a motherfucker countryman of him is a manager in that country!)  

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