Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Temp., Part-time Job

I received a call from a lady who coordinates volunteer jobs at, of course a place that I volunteered for a few months. She wanted to know whether I was interested in a temporary part-time job! In fact she said that they had contacted her and I came to her mind! Good! It means that I have done something good. However the position was a shit one and not very attractive but I found it rude to say no to her. I accepted that and then went for a meeting/interview after I received a call from another lady. The interview took place by a manager and a lady. Seemed OK and they called me and asked me to go for a sort of orientation meeting later which lunch was supposed to be served as well.
I went there and there were a few other guys, one from previous years and one new. The lunch, which has been the most pathetic and disgusting launch I've ever seen (I didn't even touch it!) was a number of disgusting Processed Meat-Croissant Sandwiches!!! which had been bought from a supermarket's Deli!! And they wasted time for about half an hour by presenting nonsense childish, stupid things and that was it! The only good thing was that I was given a $100 allowance which I later spent on a pair of nice Columbia shoes! The pair was for $129.93 originally which I guess I paid around $116 and then was reimbursed for $100 later!
Anyways the first day of work came and I was supposed to do a 12:00 to 20:00 shift which sounded tough in a -16 ℃ weather (not considering windchill!) I noticed that our small group considers of 5 Natives, one Caucasian and me! The piece of shit Native guy who apparently have been working full-time in there started showing signs of being a big asshole by saying stuff such as " I'm the boss here " or " I'm the supervisor " and nonsense similar to that. The other guys were fine. One of the was a dick head who just referred everything and everyone to this asshole supervisor-like creature! The Caucasian guy left in the afternoon as he had started early morning.
It got really cold when the sun went down around 16:00 although there was not much wind. I couldn't get myself warm and that was despite a few layers I had put on. Then this asshole walked up to me and said that someone had said to him that I was not polite to him!! That was it. I asked him how could that be?! and he kept telling me that I should not even talk about that and just have to take it!! I asked him if he wants me to come tomorrow and he said since ... (the manager) had hired me, he would not want me not to come(!) meaning if he had hired me, I would have been gone!
I had a hard time deciding that night then I said; Fuck it! I don't need this asshole! I e-mailed the lady who had the interview with me alongside that manager and told her that I had an injured leg. She called me after a few minutes and asked what had happened. I first hesitated to say about the fucking asshole Native but then I told her and she pretended or maybe truly was sympathetic. I asked to consider the e-mail I had sent her as my official resignation note and donate my one day wage to their organization! She accepted and hung up after regular goodbye. The same afternoon another lady, her boss, called! She also wanted to know what had happened. I gave her the same version and she insisted that I should go back! I accepted but the next day I sent another e-mail and indicated that I decided no to go to avoid confrontation. 
I then received an e-mail from one of them. My pay-stub and ROE were attached to that! I knew that would create some trouble for my EI but that was too late. Those assholes not only caused me grief and disturbance but also interfered with my EI which took me about an hour to fix it later in a Service Canada location (I'm hoping it is fixed because I have not seen the next deposit into my account). 
Then I asked The Lady whether she would pick up my cheque from their office, the cheque for my footwear and she said yes. So we drove there one day after of course checking with the lady to make sure it was ready. We went there and the first native guy either didn't recognize me or pretended not to! Then the main guy appeared in front of our car and he goes: Hello ...! I wasn't expecting him to recognize me that fast but he did! The Lady went to the office to pick up the cheque and I remembered that I had forgotten to give her the bag of their stuff! So I went to the main office and handed the damn bag over to their receptionist. At the same moment The Lady called and said that they needed the disgusting stuff! I ran back to the receptionist and wanted to grab the bag of worthless and useless(!) items while the cheque lady showed! I grabbed the cheque and got the hell out of there. It was not a pleasant last meeting tough but it's over (I hope!). I cashed the cheque and spent some of it already! I still have to wait for Service Canada's reaction to one day wage. I hope they don't make a big deal out of it because the guy whom I got on the phone was making a big one! 
So the lessons learnt here is: Never ever take on a cheap job while you are benefiting from full scale EI!
(Photo: This cartoon quite describes the job I had for one day. I hope CARTOONSTOCK does not mine me using their work)

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