Friday, December 16, 2016

Falling GPS!

I went to a Tim Horton's with The Lady for a coffee the other day as I intend not to disturb her by taking her to where hobo, drug addict and alcoholic hang out (Some of McDonald's locations to be exact). It was very cold as it is usually these days. I don't mind it much tough. I guess it was around -21 ℃ or something. I had my GPS attached to the windshield because I guess I wanted to double check an address. I parked and we went it and sat for half an hour and so. When we came out I saw the vehicle's 4-way hazards are blinking! I couldn't believe that! Then The Lady tried her door and it was open! Jesus! Then looked at the windshield and the GPS was gone! I couldn't believe it!
I was sure that I had locked all the doors. The Lady said: They can easily open the doors. We quickly concluded that someone had broken into the vehicle and stolen the GPS! I was furious because that would have been the second GPS being stolen, Had the theory been correct! What I did not understand was why would they put the hazards on to get others attention and how did they dare doing something like that right in front of the entrance to the cafe in a busy Downtown location at breakfast time!  
I soon would find the answer to all of questions! Apparently the GPS didn't stick to the windshield due to the extreme cold and fell and when it fell, it hit right on the top of the hazard flasher button and turned it on(!) then fell further down underneath the front right seat(!) and because it was early morning and dark, we first didn't see it! As per the damn door. I guess I had unlocked it when I wanted to move something from the backseat to the trunk and forgot to lock it again! It teaches you not to jump to a result quickly! I still believe people could have stolen the GPS in front of a busy cafe in Downtown, if they knew the door was unlocked. All they had to do was to open the door and grab it and no one would suspect that!
(Photo: A regular suction cap for GPS. I guess the extreme cold wouldn't let this function completely and the GPS would fall after a few minutes. However when the windshield was warm later, by using the heater, the problem was resolved)

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