Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Real Winter of Alberta

It started to become really cold last Sat. when I went to The Chef's on my Robobike! I had to dismount and walk the bike a few times because of the snow on the ground. The the temperature plunged and got really cold on Mon. when I did a 12:00 to 20:00 shift which will be told later separably. Lat night it was -30℃ with Windchill and I wanted to go for a walk but didn't! I've lost my gloves and I don't think it's a good idea going out without gloves even I put my hands in my pockets because I might have to take them out whatever reason and that we'll be a disaster. It's -19℃ now and almost -28℃ with windchill and it's only 14:33! I would like to see how down the temperature would go in the evening!
One of LRT stations in Downtown Calgary at 08:44 hours shows -16 C. This is the furthest station on the west side called Kerby. The temperature later went deeper and reached -21 C
I will probably go for a walk in the evening because although I exercise a little bit, I need to be more active, although I will have to do the same shift tomorrow which has a different story.
(Photo, top: This is not new to me but I wanted to have it here. The two-layer window of my bedroom is frozen in morning)

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