Sunday, December 18, 2016

Missed an Opportunity by 1 Point!

I wrote this examination for a position which sounded very good to me back in Nov. It was a very long exam. and difficult one too. We started at 08:00 and finished at 16:00(!) of course with a few breaks in between but that didn't help me much. I mentioned that in the previous related post that there was a disgusting, nasty, filthy East Indian who made noises like a hungry donkey! I bet he has passed! I, however, failed miserably! These are the results or the main three section:

1- Sub-exam. 1: Passing mark=54/90(60%). My mark= 53/90!

2- Sub-exam. 2: Passing mark=30/50 (60%). My mark= 29/90!

3- Sub-exam. 3: Passing mark=35/50 (70%). My mark= 33/90!

That's it!
(Photo: A quote randomly selected from the web. This pretty much is true about me)

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