Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Why Do Some People Act Like Donkeys?!

It is said that there are some animals which are smart. There's even a list for that. There are actually many lists on the web and I'm not repeating them here. From Animal Farm by George Orwell which is probably one of the finest stories ever told, in my opinion, we know Pigs and Dogs are smart. From the same story we know Cows, Donkeys and Horses are not so smart. 
With that in mind, I was at a career presentation session the other day and there were a number of us. The employees, whom we would be one of them, if we got the job, after passing probably 11 stages(!) were very polite, very friendly and informative. They would explain different things and they would ask if anyone had a question. We were a small group 8 to 10. Mostly Caucasians including a girl, a descendant of a British Slave(!) and an, I guess from his accent, Eastern European fella. I have lots of experience with that last spicy(!) at the last job of mine. These people, mostly, and don't say I'm racist or I stereotype, have been disgusting! Why? I list a number of attributes and virtues(!) these guys, proudly posses:
1- Aggressive.
2- Repulsive.
3- Rude.
4- Incompetent but very pretentious. 
5- Excellent ass-kissers.
6- Racist (Yes! That is true. Look at what is going on in Russia, Poland and Hungary as well as Bulgaria)
7- Unfriendly.
Orwell from the time he worked for BBC. He is one of my favourite (not favorite!) writers of all times. This post would not be completed without his picture

I guess I have made my point and if you disagree, you will have to prove it to me because the above is what I saw in every single of them. It is just that some posses all and some a few! Having said that we were standing and this fella was explaining and asked if anyone had a question? This idiot, who looked like Sphinx by the way, you know? Just gazing forward. No feeling. Cold. Unfriendly. Ready to jump on you and stab you in the heart, opened his nasty sewer and asked the stupidest question that anyone would have asked: What is the career advancement in this job??!!!!!!
You filthy animal! I believe donkeys in remote villages of central Asia have more wisdom than you! You fucking idiot have at least 5 fucking stages to pass just to get the damn training and you ask about career advancement????!!!!
If I was one of the officers and had the authorities, would contact with the recruiting center right after the presentation and would tell them to cross his name out of the list immediately because I would not want to waste my time on such a dickhead who doesn't even know when he has to ask what question! Just disgusting and stupid! A true example of retard, dumb-ass, shithead! Sorry for my language but I just have very low tolerance for human-like animals like that. I'd prefer to deal with Cows, Horses and Donkeys, instead of them! 
(Photo, top: A scene from animated Animal Farm. The pigs are celebrating in Mr. Jones house) 

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