Thursday, March 09, 2017

Enrollment Ceremony

I finally attended the Enrollment Ceremony today. It's interesting that everyone in that recruitment center spells it Enrolment Ceremony but I never mentioned to any of them although I later found out that in some dictionaries Enrolment is considered correct as well! I don't want them to get a bad impression and know I'm a Troublemaker! I guess from the time I applied for the position to the day it took about 1 year and 4 months! It's my own fault. If I had accepted to go to the interview when they called me first in 2011, I would have had at least 5 years of service now but it's in the past and must be forgotten. I need to focus on the Basic Training which will start shortly.
Unlike they have indicated in their e-mail I and one other guy where the only ones who were dressed properly. The other ones (5 others) were dressed either casually or like a hobo! 
The whole ceremony was well organized and with the least amount of wasted time, I would say. A Navy lady distributed the final forms and walked us through them, which were very straightforward and self-explanatory but we had to sign sections. There were 2 Caucasians, 3 Orientals, me and a bearded guy who could be an Arab or East Indian of Muslim heritage. He seemed OK but barely spoke and never asked any questions. I hope he's not offended if he is reading it! I, him and an Oriental guy will all go to the same trade. I don't know how it works though! Are we competing against each other or the CAF would need us all, after we successfully pass the training?! 
Anyways then a Captain from Air force led the Oath Ceremony which was short and productive. No nonsense, no bullshit. I was the only one who had no family members or friends attended but I asked my future comrade to take a picture and he did. It was quite similar to my Citizenship Ceremony years ago where I didn't have anyone accompanying me. At least this time a photo was taken! 
We will be flying to the training center soon and I will not be able to write for a while, particularly in the first 4 weeks but I will post the first chance I get. Now the most important thing is to pack my stuff, rest for the week, put some of my stuff in the bank, think of the things I will have to do with the vehicle and in a nutshell get ready for a big challenge. 
(Photo: This is where the future members of CAF would stand, rise their right hand and repeat after the Oath after the officer. I have a photo here) 

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