Friday, March 03, 2017

Safeway's Wise Policy!

Safeway has always been my favorite supermarket. Even now that I'm not financially in a very good situation, I still shop at Safeway. This supermarket was bough by Sobeys I guess about two years ago but they still run under the original name. Their advertisements, including flyers are together, mostly and they claim they have reduced the prices of more than 2000 items significantly. 
I've seen some price drops in the past but at the same time I've seen some increases as well. One of my favorite breads was this multi-grain bun with sesame seeds on it . We used to buy them for ¢65 each only awhile ago and that was if you purchased a group of 6. We never minded that. Then they canceled that 6-piece policy and increased the price to ¢90! Less than a year after that I was just in one of the locations and realized that the price had been increased to $1.29 each! Is that how Safeway is trying to compete in the market?! I know Super-asshole has garbage bread mostly and Wal-Nasty-Mart's breads are even worse but I can't afford to pay $1.29 for a small roll. One might say Safeway is for wealthy and rich and people like me should shop at Super-asshole or any other disgusting bakery. They might be right. However I didn't expect the prices go up this much while they claim that they have reduced prices. After all the location is important too. Safeway just shut down a location in 52 St. NE, a ghetto neighbourhood where people would mostly go to local traditional stores of their countrymen or make bread in their houses! It's not going to happen to any other location may be soon but they need to stay competitive. 
(Photo: My favorite bread roll which is only made in Safeway bakery. I perhaps will be able to purchase that one day when they either increase the size or decrease the price which most likely would never happen!)

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