Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The Liberal's Plan for Marijuana

One of the promises of Trudeau when running against Harper in late 2015 was that he would legalize Marijuana. Of course bunch of stupid, idiot, useless, assholes who have nothing to do but  drinking, smoking or sniffing drugs and fucking around were very happy! I'm not saying that it was the main reason he won but generally people go for the one who's easier on them not the one who enforces more laws and restrictions! Nevertheless his approval rate, it's said, that has gone down significantly. 
Marijuana, when it's legalized, according to the PM, would be available to the interested people and the money which is in the hands of criminals, he says, becomes the Government's revenue and is used for good purposes. 
There's no doubt that the Government needs money but that is the only intention. He said nothing about the stuff being bad and harmful and said nothing about controlling the access of people to that. As per the so-called criminals, I don't think they mind that very much. They invest on another crapy substance and move on! And then the people would go with them. Why? Because mostly would say: Everyone can smoke Marijuana now. It's accessible by everyone. It's like a normal cigarette! I'd like to try something better, stronger, newer and after all something which is not achieved easily by everyone because I want to be better, cooler and more significant than any normal person. So Marijuana would lose its market and the dream of making millions and billions by the Government would die! 
This is quite similar to driving a BMW. The majority of people drive regular and crapy cars. When you drive a BMW, which the cheapest model of it costs at least $40,000 (for a brand new one) you are different than someone who drives a shity, disgusting $18,000 Honda
I remember the time that playing chess was forbidden in the old country! Yes it was but people played whenever they got the chance at their homes like many other things which were forbidden and people did. One day, out of the blue sky, a new rule was thrown out: Chess is no longer forbidden as long as people don't play that with the purpose of gambling. Fine! A friend of mine said that he would never play chess just for spite! He said he didn't like the stupid idea that the game had been declared forbidden to play and now doesn't like the idea that it's allowed to be played again! 
Trudeau then promised that he would not go further by legalizing any other similar substance! Is he going to keep his promise?! He has been accused of breaking a few of his election promises.
(Photo: The PM visited CFB Esquimalt in Vancouver Island, British Columbia alongside the Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan where he explained the Marijuana legalization process and indicated that would take place this summer)

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