Saturday, March 04, 2017

From Southern Comfort to Operation Lagoon!

I've been a big movie buff for years. I now have a collection of more than 300 titles. One of the movies which was the topic of discussion years ago as well as being controversial, in the old country, was Southern Comfort. This was shown in there under Operation Lagoon and the entire story had been changed!! I know it's crazy and I don't think it has probably never happened in the history of cinema. If it has happened it should have happened in that country or similar place as they are very good at stuff like that. 
In Southern Comfort a unit of Louisiana National Guard goes to Louisiana Swamp for a military training. They do a silly thing over there and get themselves in trouble with the locals, the Cajuns. Seven out of the group of 9 are killed by the Cajuns, each differently while the last two get themselves to a small town and after a series of adventures in there, survive.  The movie is accompanied by the amazing work of Ry Cooder and is very unpredictive during the story. 
In the old country though what they did is they cut the story to several pieces and when they put it back together they made sure a few small pieces are missing! But that was not the only thing they did! They deprived the movie of a number of its pieces as well as changing the story entirely by changing the dialogues when dubbing! This is how the story was changed:
A group of American militants are trapped in a lagoon and are killed by the US Government or the US Army one after another because they are critical of the US policies, particularly of Vietnam War! The state television of the old country even kills the only two survivors that Cajun people were not successful despite their efforts! What those assholes never consider when changing the plot of the movie as well as its title was that there actually was no operation in the movie! They didn't consider it! 
When I saw the DVD in a store years ago in Canada I bought it immediately and discovered how the real story is from what those bastards had made up! The question is whether any of the film staff had the right to file a complaint against the state television or not! If they did, have they done it? And last but not least or probably the most important one: How did the state television at the time purchase the right of showing the movie considering the two counties were not and still are not in good relationship. 
(Photo: This is shortly after the beginning of the movie when the squad grabs three canoes which belonged to Cajuns to cross a pond of something like that. This is where the problem starts shortly after)

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