Monday, March 06, 2017

Vacant Offices of Downtown

In a society which money has the utmost importance, people do whatever it takes to make some, even a Penny! The Kevin P. told me once a short story which he had heard from The Spring Maker. This is about disgusting Vietnamese in Standens a manufacturer in Calgary. According The Springs Maker, labourers would receive $0.25 bonus for every item they make over the designated number they are planned to make in their shift. Some cheap workers, and according to him, mostly the Vietnamese, would stay longer to make as many extra as they could even if they had to pee! The Spring Maker indicates that he has seen with his own eyes that these people would we their pants but didn't want to leave their working station! 
This is only one example out of thousands that I can tell about the greed of people, whether a Vietnamese or an East Indian!
This is at the poor side, the side of people who come from slums of the Third World. At the other side these Westerners are as greedy as hell! It was in the news the other day that the vacant offices of Downtown Calgary should be rented out! This means two things:
1) The job market will not improve any time soon! Not for the next few years or perhaps never to the same level it was in 2012-13. Otherwise they would not consider turning the offices to residential building! 
2) These guys have been benefiting from these offices for years not decades. It's very hard for them to see that now they have a big horn in their ass which bothers them a lot! 
Greed, lust and individualism are the three corners of Western society triangle!
(Photo: Downtown Calgary from its eastern side. Calgary Tower and The Bow are clearly seen. On left you see residential buildings are under construction. I took this picture in Feb. of last which there was not much winter from Tom Campbell's Hill Natural Park)

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