Thursday, March 02, 2017

A Good Analogy

I was at The Brave's the other day. he had called me the day before and said he was a bit sick. I called him to see how he was and then I said I would bring him some tea. I went there although I think it was a mistake because his wife seemed upset about it. 
We were talking about everything and it got to The Chef who know is renting a room from The Brave in his basement. The Chef has recently had a very beautiful accident! According to him he was driving on a major rood and he rear ended a lady(!) whom was driving an SUV. His car is crippled! The bumper came off, the indicator at driver's side is broken and the hood is swollen! I could probably put the photo here but it wouldn't be nice! I met him at his place a few days after the accident and we fixed(!) the car. We took the bumper, which was sitting on the backseat and put it at the side of the house and then we forced the hood down! It looked a little bit better! It's been a week since the accident and he's been driving it since(!) but he's thinking of buying another used vehicle. 
With that in mind, when I was talking to The Brave about everything, we came to the point that The Chef was mentioned. The Brave said: He has been through so much hardship in his life which now he is in a situation like a donkey that is hauling a heavy load! If you put a small weight on the top, it wouldn't feel that! It's a great analogy! The Chef has experienced so many bad things in his life: Being homeless in India, working very physically-demanding jobs in Canada including where he works now and for Standen's as a labourer, getting beaten up and bleeding, you name it. And now losing the home that him and his stupid African buddy bought about 2 years ago. 
I guess all he's thinking about at this moment is being able to be peaceful for a bit. This probably has been on his mind every day for the past many years and he has tried to achieve that through drinking alcohol and using drugs. He might have achieved that temporarily and for a shot time! 
(Photo: This picture, randomly selected from the Internet, shows a donkey which truly resembles The Chef's life! Not that I've been much happier than him but definitely have not been as bad as this!)

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