Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Love This Winter!

After the disgusting and disappointing winter of 2015-16 now we are enjoying the true beautiful winter of Alberta. It's March.08 and it was around -16 ℃ when I went for jogging beside Bow River but that's not all. Windchill made it even colder. It was around -24℃ when I was approaching home. There was an unusually heavy traffic for that time of the day. When I was heading to Bow River Pathway it was around 08:15 and the streets were congested. On the way back around 09:05 still there was a bit of traffic. I ran for almost 22 min. The only problem is that my knees hurt a little bit after running and it appears after I come out of shower or after I finish my breakfast.
Now that I'm scheduled to leave soon, I eat whatever I have and try not to buy any food. Avoiding outside food, although it's hard, I had Boiled Egg, Quinoa and Coffee for my breakfast. It's very filling but it could be felt bland if you don't know how to make it.
(Photo: Kids have made snowmen in a park. A perfect for them to enjoy doing this, skating and tubing. Took this last week near a library)

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