Friday, March 10, 2017

Norman (1)

I first was introduced to Norman, a mid-age married man with a teenage daughter, about a year ago. We never met until I asked Mom to tell him that I would like to meet and talk about the job market. This guy is from a small town in one of the provinces which borders Caspian Sea, a typical villager/peasant  person who went to a large city, studied, got a degree and joined the job market. Then like many Iranians in early 21st century decided to go to Canada and experience life of excellence! 
Norman worked for about a year or so in the field that he's been educated and is experienced in. He then got kicked out like many others, including me, but I assume it was much earlier because I used to see him in the neighbourhood with a briefcase which is a sign of having a great position(!) in the old country. People tend to keep the tradition here! 
I then saw him twice and since he had been told that I was interested in meeting him we greeted, shook hands (a custom from the old country!) and had a little chat. He now, months after being laid off, had been working for a major retailer in the city. His job is either in-call or part-time as he goes there, which is only a few minutes drive from his place, only a few days a week. This job has been provided to him, like the previous one he had, by his friends of the small town. Lucky him! 
I talked to him once over the phone and briefly referred to my challenges in getting a job. I told him that I might start one in March. His reaction was: I wonder when would my turn be?! 
I don't see such a bright future for us foreigners in Alberta or generally in Canada. With all the conflicts south of the border, overpopulation and number of people who come to the country every year, now getting a job, even one as Norman's would be difficult. I was listening to the news today and it was said that the unemployment will stay between 9% and 10% throughout 2017 and employers might consider hiring more in the second half of the year! Everyone should grab whatever he or she has with both hands and never let it go, or there will be sever consequences! 
(Photo: For this post I am using Sir Norman Wisdom's picture. Although unrelated but I believe he was a great comedian and actor. His movies, many of them, were dubbed in the first years of the fake revolution in the old country and shown in theaters. They were all disappeared when more restrictions were introduced to cinema industry. The key to success of his movies in the old country was great dubbing although one must know that due to poor English and many other reasons including laziness, lack of respect and loyalty, foreign movies generally have been shown differently from what they really are in that country! A good example of that would be Southern Comfort which was shown with a completely different story and even the title was changed to Operation Lagoon [!!]. I should have a separate post for that)

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