Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Rock of The Chef

The Chef just narrated me one his numerous amazing stories one night that I was having dinner at his place again. This one: The Rock! It's not about the movie or even this silly guy who thinks he's another Schwarzenegger! This is about a drug with the street name of Rock! However we don't know what he actually consumed which led to this story. Was that Cocaine which is called Rock on the street or what he thinks it was, Crystal Meth?! 
According to him he got a little of that stuff from his colleagues at work. People of East Asian background. He consumed some one day and made him be up all day and night! He wouldn't sleep or eat. Only a sip of water every few hours! He said he would put food in microwave oven on the stove and forgot about it until the fire alarm would go off and the kitchen was full of thick smoke! He then would open all of the windows and use a stool to reach the smoke alarm to turn it off!
He says he had lost so much weight that when he went to his part-time job of the weekend, his colleges were shocked by just looking at him. One lady asked him what had happened and he said that he was the same person as he always had been and nothing had changed! 
The whole process took about a week, I guess, and that is according to him, who has a memory like a sieve! He adds that one of his friends, a person who spends a lot of time on the streets(!) has told him that this drug was invented during the WWII to keep German soldiers alert when fighting! I don't know how true that could be but certainly a person who doesn't have to eat and sleep for a week and stays vigilant, is a good fighter/defender, particularly when, again according to him, he becomes very agitated and violent! The story with some detail is much more interesting when he narrates it and I couldn't stop laughing! He again survived one of many stupid things he has done(!) but how lucky someone could really be?! I hope stays lucky the way he is for many years and does not sink!  
(Photo: For this post I selected a photo of White Rock, a rock that the indigenous people of British Columbia, the Semiahamo Nation, consider it sacred and have a story for it. The small town of now 20,000 people near the US border is named after this rock. We lived in there for probably a year or so and I worked there as well. I used this photo just to show how big The Chef's problem is or was!) 

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