Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Alien Legacy

I didn't believe my eyes, when I was reading what is written in Yahoo! Movies. You know what it is? Alien 5!!!
I'm a great fan of Alien legacy and have Alien and Aliens on DVD, Alien 3 on CD and Alien Resurrection on my hard drive ('cause it's too big to copy it on a CD and I don't have a DVD burner) and I've watched all of several times and that's my favorite sequel movie. It's not like Terminator series. The last one, T3, which I watched it in a movie theatre is not good at all. But Alien series is something different. unbeatable.
So what's written there is they're gonna make the 5th part with Sigourney Weaver but not nothing has been set up yet. Check it to learn more. I, myself am waiting for that.
The last news is Alien: The director's cut will be in theatres in Halloween but in limited theatres. I hope I can watch it here.

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