Monday, October 20, 2003

One Step Closer

I had a message in my mobile voice mail box today. CT wants me for medicals. That's great. It means I'm one more step closer to the new job which gives me more free time and takes less energy.
I finished section 7 of CQE primer and the last 2 weeks of Oct. is for reviewing of sections 2 to 7. I'll try to finish sections 8 to 11 in Nov. (Each week for a section) and have a final review with emphasis in last 4 sections in the first week of Dec.
I also went for a ride yesterday afternoon after almost 3 months. I made it in 01:23:05 which is a good time. I also find an Iranian girl on the net yesterday! She left Iran with her family 25 years ago and currently lives in S. C.

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