Monday, October 06, 2003

A Real Funny Day in Canada!

I called Cargill, in the morning and said I couldn't make it today. I know they will suspend me for at least one day. shortly after that I had a phone call. I think it was 06:00 AM. Was surprised. Who in Calgary calls me at 06:00 in the morning? (I have caller ID for my mobile phone) I found out later that It was from Cargill. They might wanted to tell me that if I don't show up, they'd suspend me.
I went to CT building and wrote the exam. with at least 13 to 15 other persons. It was one of my happiest day in Canada! You may don't believe this and ask why. They showed video clips about different short stories in a bus and then asked a silly question about the situation. It was so funny that I could't help it. There was a big Canadian woman besides me and guess she was angry with me but said nothing.
There was stories about everything that may happen in a bus and were all hilarious. For example there was a scene of a drunk girl steps in the bus and then had fight with a drunk guy who was trying to wrap his arm around her. Gays, asking for a date from a female co-worker and other ridiculous situations. The funny thing was nobody were laughing except a Polish guy in the left side of me and just may be two or three times.
People were mostly Canadians. There were also 3 East Indians, including two Sikhs, one an old man with white beard and a light brown turban. He didn't even know how to use the coffee machine and asked me to help him. It was clearly written " Push Down " I wonder how he was able to read the questions and answer them. When I was goin' out I found him driving a cab! There was a Polish moron, as usu. they r! Also cab drive and said is here for a part-time job. He thought I'm French! Because of my accent. Two women. Both Canadian. One Eastern European. I have no idea where the hell he was from. And all others Canadians.
You don't have to look at their (Canadians) face or cloths to recognize them from other people. They walk around with a bottle of Coke or Pepsi in the summer and with a cup of coffee in the winter!! And it usu. takes at least one hour to finish that cup!
We were told that if we receive a phone call by 04:00 in the afternoon in Wed. it means that we've passed the exam. and should proceed to the next step which is interview, I guess.
Ali Mehraban, who works for CT and is also a musician told me almost everything about CT. He also works for Moores. I have to call him again and make some things more clear. May be tomorrow night.

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