Friday, October 24, 2003

A Correction and More About El Al Case

I mentioned that John Manely, the current deputy minister of Canada was going to be the next Prime Minister and has a very powerful opponent. The man is Paul Martin and seems he will be the next. Jean Chretien will no longer be the Prime Minister in 2004, I guess.
Tonight, in CBC's The National it was confirmed that there was a possible attack on El Al plane. But nobody asks if there was (or actually is) any and why anybody talks about residential terrorists in Ontario?!! Who are they? How are they being supported and supplied? How could they get that kind of weapon in Canada? These and many more have been never mentioned in the news. Did I understand the nature of the event?!
It was told the commercial jets can be equipped with flares, which has been using in military aircraft for years. But the issue is it costs millions of dollars and it doesn't seem that airliners can afford this.
If I remember correctly Air Canada has already cut free lunch from his flights and once it was shown in the news that people are buying food from airport buffet or carrying burgers in their sack!!

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