Sunday, October 05, 2003

The Second Anniversary of Sep.11.01 on CBC

There was an interesting show on CBC in the 2nd anniversary of Sep.11.01. Although it's about a month but I'm gonna tell you about that. John Manley, deputy prime minister, minister of finance of Canada and also a member of the Parliament, who is being said that is the next prime minister of Canada, regardless of the fact that he has a very powerful competitor (I don't remember his name!) was in a plane on his way home while the first plane crashed to one of the WTC towers. Canadian officials were very worried about planes which were headed toward Canadian cities. Each single plane was a possible suicide tool. So what they did is they guided almost all planes to remote airports of the country like the one in N. F.
When the pilot acknowledged what had happened to some flights in New York City, he asked Manley about what to say to the passengers. He suggested say nothing to them until they have to. CBC showed a narrow runway in a small airport, filled with tens of planes parked side by side with all passengers inside. They were tired and agitated after hours in the planes and were asking hosts and hostesses about what was going on.