Sunday, October 12, 2003

A New Buddy

Have started to talk to a Canadian guy called Al. His real name, as he said, is something else. An aboriginal, or native name. He introduced me Excel Canada, a cheating (!!) company like ABC Canada which I was introduced to by that lady in Vancouver. We went to a meeting in Blackfoot Trial with an English woman. She drove us there.
Same shit as previous one but there were three speeches. One by a Canadian woman in her early 40s. And two by an American couple from the South with totally different and interesting accent, especially the woman. She was trying to be funny too but she was not, except two or three times. But Canadians were very happy and were laughing their heads off. I used the opportunity and teased her but I think she didn't hear me. Some of the audiences heard me and laughed. I tried to stopped it. I mean I didn't want to make a trouble but couldn't help it. She was bullshitting and I don't like this kind of propaganda.
Once she said " We're goin' to knock off Telus " (One of the major Canadian telecommunication companies). I said " In your dreams " There was an old woman sitting at the left side and she turned her face toward me and gazed at me in an unfriendly way!
The other time she said " I love you all and I wish I could take you all with me " And I said " Just take me "
You know these things sound hilarious to Canadians! And again she said something about Lethbridge and said " I can't pronounce it, tell me how " And I yelled " You won't learn! "
Regardless of this stupid American propaganda and exaggeration, I liked that meeting. It was a good opportunity to listen to a different accent and talk to people, especially that English lady.
The American woman who said she was from Arkansas had a very interesting accent. For example she says GAZ for Guys and ASScreem for Ice Cream! I wish I could save her voice.