Sunday, October 12, 2003

Getting Closer To Having A New Job

I had my second phone call from CT and am invited for a 45 min. interview on Wed. Oct.15.03. This is the second interview in Canada and a real one, I suppose. Although I have applied for 16 positions since Jun.01.03, but haven't had even one single interview in my field. Let me tell you what two of them answered me:
One is a recruiter in Edmonton and I applied for a position there as a Quality Control Clerk and he replied back: The client needs someone who lives in here!!
What kind of fool do u think I am, you stupid embryo? If you don't wanna give me the chance of an interview, that's OK. But don't bullshit me, u idiot.
And the other one who is the Quality Assurance Manager of a company in SE Calgary (Probably one like Carlos, the nasty Filipino guy, I may write his story later) Wrote me: I reviewed your cover letter and resume and don't feel u fit this position!!
What the f**K? what's the feel, you moron?! You don't feel anything?! May be that's because you have had to many before!! It just makes me frustrated and tired of this nuts.