Sunday, January 25, 2004

Bitter Cold

It's very cold today here in Calgary and also all over Canada. I was goin' out and it was chilly, almost -30 ˚C or less and when the wind is blowing it's even worse. You have to wait for at least a quarter to car gets warm. Drivers usually plug their car in but I haven't yet.
Today I went to Superstore to get a lobster but noticed it's almost $13 per lb. So If you buy two, you'll have to pay at least $25 'cause they are really big and one is enough for one person to be full. Lobster and crab is sold alive in Superstore. I asked a guy about how to clean it but he didn't know! (A stupid Oriental guy who didn't speak English well too!) I also asked him about cooking it and he said I'd have to cook it alive!! (He is right) It's sad! Therefore what I did was I just bought a small try of shrimp and left. I may get it next time I go there.
(Note: the link to Superstore has been added in a 2006 review. They just built the website in 2005! The idiots didn't have any website in 2004 and before!)
(Photo: Red lobsters are really big. One is enough for a person's meal)