Tuesday, January 06, 2004

It Doesn't Take A Hero

I just started a book by H. Norman Schwarzkopf. It's called It Doesn't Take A Hero and it's the General's memoirs. I can say the book is basically an autobiography of an American soldier, ending to the first invasion of the US to Iraq, which liberated Kuwait in 1991. I read part of the book first in 1992 when I still was in Iran and the book was a supplement to Ettela'at newspaper.
Although I don't trust the author as he's American because he doesn't write without supporting his own country but it may answer a few questions that I have had in my mind since the end of the war in 1992. Questions like:
1- How did the Kuwaiti royal family flee the country before the Iraqi forces catch them? It's said Americans had informed them. Therefore it means they knew that Iraqis are goin' to attack. Of course they knew!
2- Why Americans didn't go all the way to Baghdad and didn't finish Saddam's regime on that time and postponed it?
3- ...
And many many more questions that may lead me to what really Americans up to.
(Photo: The cover of the book. The General has written it with the help of Peter Petre)