Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Both King George II, son of a Bush (George W. Bush!!) and Tony, the big liar (Tony Blair!!)have being criticized for the US led invasion to Iraq in last year. It's said that the reports shows that Iraq has no WMD. Blair is accused of sexing up the Britain's intelligence dossier to build public support for that war.
George Michael calls him a good dog for Bush in his music clip called Shoot the dog.
After all the bottom line is I'm very happy with the US led invasion to Iraq, killing thousands of Iraqis and capturing Saddam although I know it was Americans who supported and supplied him in his invasion to Iran and in that 8-year long devastating war. We should wait and see how it affect Saddam's trail, if there's any.
(Photo: Demonstrators hoist big cards with Blair, Strew and another guy's photos. As you see they call the prime minister, the B.liar and Strew (the foreign minister) jack of spades and the other guy (whom I don't know him) a liar. The cards are made according the deck that Americans made with Saddam and his top allies)