Wednesday, January 14, 2004


You might have noticed that, this is a Troublemaker's story is it's written on the top right of the blog! But u may don't know why I'm called a troublemaker. The first time that I was called this was last year in SAIT and a Canadian classmate of mine called me that 'cause I was telling everybody that I'm gonna write a letter to the president of the institute and complain about the Quality Planning instructor. She was a stupid moron and knows nothing about quality. The second person is Andrew my Canadian buddy who we used to work together. I have written about him.
The last time was today! Tina the young, pretty girl in the office called me that! I asked he for a date last year but as Andrew suggested the wrong way, I lost her. I met her today after a long time and she said she studies in Mount Royal College and she works here as a part-time employee and just for 2 days. She's a very nice, slim and pretty girl and I don't think if she's more than 21. I asked her about student loan and she explained everything in detail for me.