Saturday, January 10, 2004

Healthy Food

There are many concerns about healthy foods in North America and specifically in Canada and the funny thing is you find mostly the worst food in the world, here!!
I sometimes see people are drinking Coca-Cola for their breakfast!!!! And this is really stupid. Soft drinks has nothing but colour, sugar and water. I call them WCS(!). Another thing is most of the food you find here in supermarkets and grocery stores are artificial. The only natural or as it's said here organic food is found much more expensive in some isles. I went to a Safeway last night to get some food and noticed there's a special section of the store called Natural Market. I had paid no attention to that section before. You can find most of the food, that are in the other isles here but in organic kind and with higher price. For instance a bag of bread which is usu. $1.99 must be purchased at least $3.5 if you want an organic one.
There was a show on CBC last weekend, I guess and it was about bread. A food specialist probably from Atkins was saying that bread is a fattening food and people should cut that off their diet!!
So what should we eat now? Beef is not good because of Mad Cow Disease and it has also cholesterol. Bread, rice, potato and pasta are all fattening. Vegetables and fruits are genetically grown and have nothing in them!! Fish, specially as it's said on CBC, farm salmon, has toxic in it!!
The specialist was also saying that McDonald's and Wendy's must be questioned for giving too much fat to people.
As a high concern to teens safety, Canadian schools are going to remove soft drink machines from the schools but students say if they can't get coke from the school, they'll get it from somewhere else!! It's hard to give up a bad habit, that is eating bad food. I, myself, hardly touch soft drink. Very very rare. I just started sticking to V8. It's great. Even beer is good. It has something for your body but coke... it's just junk.
(Photo: Goji berry in a Natural Foof Store, Calgary. I added this photo years later. The price tag reads $22.99. I have not bought yet. There are so many good thing being said about them but there are controversies too)