Friday, January 23, 2004

More on Arar case

RCMP officers raided the home and offices of an Ottawa Citizen journalist on Wed. regarding what she wrote about Maher Arar, in the paper. The report says that Canadian authorities were told by Washigton in Sep.02 of their plan to deport him to Syria, where he was born there in 1970. I was shocked when I heard that on CBC, the night before. If it's true it means Canadians are really bastards, which I thought they r not!
RCMP claims that there were clasified government documents there and the new Canadian government which took over a few weeks ago said there will be an investigation about what has been claimed about deportation of Syrian-Canadian telecommunication engineer. Arar came to Canada in 1987 and did his Bachelor and Master and used to work in the capital as a telecommunication engineer and was caught in JFK airport in New York in Sep.02 when he was returning to Ottawa from a vacation in Tunisia. He brings a lawsuit against American authorities in New York state and John Ashcroft, the US Attorney General, specifically. Americans claim that Arar has been in Afghanistan and was trained in Al-Qaeda camps. He denies that.

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