Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I just noticed I have two comments on my post dated Mar.04 regarding Sikhs and the stupid behaviour of Canadian officials about other faiths and religions. The person has mentioned good points and I somehow agree with him or her but why s/he has withheld his or name? We could discuss over this matter and share our ideas. This blog is being written as a memoir but I always welcome ideas and would be happy to hear from people. I might announce my blog somehow in near future. That will work for sure. I just add a few lines in responce to what that fellow says:
He mentioned something about Bin Laden and other Islamic terrorists and extremists and complins why the US doesn't arrest them. Here's is the short version of my responce to your question buddy: Ben Laden and all those f**king animal Arab bastard criminals, which I hate them more than anything in the entire universe (I hate Arabs, Pakistanis and their followers generally) have been trained, supplied and supported by the US for a long time. I'll write about that later.


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