Saturday, March 18, 2006


I bought an iPod last year, a 20 GB MP3 player from Apple. It's good but I haven't filled it up with my all favorite songs. It holds almost 5000 songs. I just have transfered about 130 so far. It also performs as a phonebook and carries contact information like addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. I tried to active it as a hard drive and transfer the information I have in my PC to it but couldn't. Then there was another problem until today: I was not able to transfer new songs to my iPod and also the new version of iTunes, the software that acts as an interface between the computer and the iPod didn't work properly and didn't get updated. So today after a long time I decided to really fix these damn problems. I went to Apple iPod Support website and followed the instruction they offered step by step. It was not easy but I fixed it. I'll work on the issue regarding transfering contacts soon.
(Photo: I found an interesting photo of someone who enjoys iPod. You enjoys seeing her here. iPod is also available in photo and video versions)

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