Saturday, March 04, 2006

This Stupidity Drives Me Crazy!

The Supreme Court of Canada just allowed Sikhs to carry their traditional daggers, Kirpan, to the classrooms of high schools! It took 5 years to settle the case. I don’t have any problem with Sikhs and Sikhism although they are very racist (Right now one of `em is sitting beside me wearing long beard, a black turban (Black turban is for extremists and enthusiasts. Once I saw a female Sikh wearing black turban in Lake Louise), bracelet and smells like a kitchen while something strange is being cooked! I’m writing this in SAIT lib today) but that’ll lead to demands of other minorities, communities and religious people.

I really don’t know what the hell is in these stupid people’s mind!? That was their stupid Citizenship Test I just described in my post of Feb.07 and then argument over adding Sharia (Islamic law) to Canadian Law and now letting people to have a blade in the school!! That happened in Montreal. Now Muslim community of that city demands allowing them to wear their headscarf!! One Canadian said something really good about this stupid behavior on radio:

…We’re fed up with seeing people coming from outside and doing what they want.

He or she is absolutely right. When you go to a foreign country or even another province (Like here in Canada) you are obligated to obey the laws and regulation provided in there. You f**ing can’t say: " This is in my f**king stupid religion from thousands of years ago (and obviously a stupid useless idea!) and I would like to practice it here ". You have to give it up. For example if you're a woman and you go to Saudi Arabia you have to cover your body from toe to head and roam around like a crow! Again when you’re in f**king Saudi Arabia, land of suicide attackers and f**king murderers, you can’t drive a car if you’re a woman. And several similar examples like that. Can you say that you want to live life the same way you used to, back in Canada or the US? No shit! And don’t tell me that’s the difference between a western democracy and a Muslim or developing or third world country ‘cause that’s not the difference!

I’m pretty sure that if Canada doesn’t stop this now, they have to pay for that later and the price would be huge. And that’s especially because the population of immigrants grows much faster than original European settlers. I’m goin’ to write this issue to the new Immigration and Citizenship Minister and warn him. And finally let’s have a look at what I just found about this:

...Orthodox Sikhs, who make up about 10 per cent of the estimated 250,000 Sikhs in Canada, are required by their religion to wear the kirpan at all times.
It symbolizes the fight for justice, but there are religious prohibitions on using it as a weapon.

Let’s review what we have: A dagger which is considered a weapon is called a symbol of justice and according to religious beliefs can't be used as a weapon!!! Having a sane and simple interpretation it indicates: Infinite stupidity!!


Anonymous said...

Muslims are big time hypocrites. They pray 5 times a day but do all sorts of illegal activities. They don’t know to respect people of other religion. Violence is a means for them to carry their religion forward. They ought to be treated in the same way in west as they treat others. They should be thankful to the governments of the West to live a free life without any religious restriction imposed on them. Everyone knows how hopeless it is for people of other faith to live in Saudi Arabia and Iran. Governments of the West should not have in the first allowed these people in their country. In their countries, they don’t allow people of other religions to settle. These people look at people from other developing countries with contempt. They treat them as slaves in their countries. Money from oil has made them more arrogant and most of them behave like arrogant donkeys.
The whole world is run on religious lines except the West. Being tolerant to enemies of Christianity is not that good a virtue. The US and UK should be ashamed of playing politics in these issues. Why don’t they talk of Osama Bin Laden or heads of Islamic terrorists as dictators? They are more demonic than Milosovich was. Shame on US for not catching Osama Bin Laden and other Islamic terrorists and bring them to justice. Pakistan should be occupied and liberated from the clutches of barbarians. Actually the international court should have tried Ronald Reagan and CIA chief for bringing all these wars and encouraging the evil forces of Islam. Why isnt US or UK taking any action against the Sudanese dictators who are massacring innocent Christians or against Nigerian Muslims of killing thousands of Christians? Harper should not follow the US policies in this regard.

Anonymous said...

Adolf Hitler = Aryanism = Hindu fundamentalists ( RSS + VHP + Bajrang Dal + BJP ) now in India. The members of BJP (especially L. K. Advani and Sushma Swaraj) are false masks to the Aryanisation of Indian politics and are true followers of Adolf Hitler. The Sikh extremists that thrive in Canada are not far behind.