Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Idiot Is Back!

Stephan Harper is back to Ottawa after a 3 days trip to Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is his first trip to a foreign country since he became the prime minister in last Jan. The idiot who did that to suck up to Americans, like what he does as a routine job, said that if Afghanistan is safe and secure, Canadian people will be safe and secure!!!
I totally disagree with him because that actually motivates the terrorist to attack Canadian civilians in Canadian soil or anywhere else round the world to retaliate. This is a simple fact that only a moron doesn’t understand. I remember that he even blamed the previous government for not participating American led invasion to Iraq. But I must confess here that I really like that invasion and the number of Iraqis who got killed and are being killed everyday. They deserve it. Only an asshole acts like that. Canada has several problems with health care, unemployment, global warming, low wheat and grain price and many more and that idiot sends Canadian troops to f**king Afghanistan. I hate him.
(Photo: Harper with Canadian troops in Afghanistan. I didn't know that he's a potbellied unless I saw this photo!)

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