Sunday, March 26, 2006

D. H.

D. H. (meaning brave in one of the numerous Indic languages!) is my first friend in Canada and also the first landlord. I stayed in his place for almost six months and he helped me in anyway he was able to. Originally from Bangladesh and carrying three nationalities, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Canadian, he has been living in Canada for more than 20 years. He used to attend the same high school that William Shatner, who stared in the original Star Trek series used to go, in Montreal.
When I joined him in his house in Calgary, it was not a good time for him. He was separated from his wife, didn't have a job and fighting to get custody of his two sons, one with health problems which deprives him from talking. (I don't know if he's cured or not today) But regardless of all that, he was a big aid for me and a good friend as well. We had a fight over an American girl, Imari, from a Saudi father and French mother, few months later and didn't talk until a few weeks ago.
When I checked my Yahoo Messenger a few weeks ago, noticed that have an invitation from him. I added him and then we started leaving offline messages. He at first wrote me that he was in Japan and that surprised me. It means he's financially fine now. Then he got back to Calgary and left his mobile phone number. I remember he used to say how much he hated cell phones but that hatred came from lack of money! He asked me to join him at his house but I mentioned that I was not in a situation to be able to go and see him. Then today his offline message indicates that he'd leave Calgary soon again. He also mentioned that he owes me money and he wanted to pays his due!
Actually he owes me only $10 and that's because once I rented one of his old cars to drive Imari home and when I returned the car and gave him $40, he didn't give me that 10 bucks back because he was angry with me taking the girl away. Now I'm going to call him this week and meet with him to find out what is he up to. I'll write about Imari (Meaning The Two Moons in French) and D. H. 's wife, F. (her nickname) later.

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