Sunday, March 12, 2006

Competition in Capitalist Way

Companies and businesses compete as hard as they can here. Auto industry is among the businesses which are suffering from loss as a result of high gasoline price and high competition. The three major auto makers in North America, as I mentioned earlier, are in serious trouble and there's no month that you don't hear news about closing a facility or laying off employees. Japanese manufacturers like Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Honda which all have plants in North America giving hard time to the three giants of the US, Ford, GM and Chrysler.
But no one is secure in this crazy world of competition, Not even Toyota of Canada. This week I received an invitation letter from a Toyota Dealer in my neighborhood. The card indicates that anyone who purchases a vehicle in that specific day will be:
  • Offered a preferred pricing
  • The first to see and order the new 2007 Camry (This one is really something! Just imagine what would happen to you if you don't see that first!)
  • Received a 1.9% interest rate (This one is good. Mine is 3.9%, I guess)
  • Offered a free extra value package which worth $400. (I like this one too)
If I was in a good financial situation, I'd use this opportunity and traded my 2003 Echo with a new 2006 anything, preferably a Prius. But I'm not. So I'm not going and I don't need refreshments and gifts! Let's them enjoy their time.
(Photo: The ticket that allows me to go to a Toyota party! A gift will be presented to every guest)

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