Monday, March 13, 2006


Canada is the country of different taxes and these taxes may apply to you. GST or Goods and Services Tax applies to every one. PST is Provincial Sales Tax and HST is Harmonized Sales Tax. We don't pay PST in Alberta fortunately but don't know who pays HST.
Regardless of all these, there's the main tax and that's Income Tax. Part of your income goes to the Federal Government through Canada Revenue Agency but at the end of each year everyone in Canada (and the US as far as I know) has to file his or her income tax.
In past 3 years I used to go to H&R Block for my income tax because they provide instant refund and that help people who are in need of cash. But that's usually very time consuming. So because of that and also because they haven't called me this year, I decided to file my income tax through a web software presented by RBC as I'm a RBC customer. That's QuickTaxWeb. There's a 25% discount for the filing fee. So I didn't pay more than $16 compare to $50 to $60 I used to pay and the time I used to spent in their office. But I should mention that was for a cash back.
That's not really difficult. You only have to have all your documents and information ready and follow the steps. They even provide help through a chat service! So when I had a question regarding the medical expenses of mine in 2005, I went to their help system and started chatting with a guy called Kumar (Probably Indian. They're everywhere!) and he helped me with that. You try for your income tax of 2005 . It's easy.
I hope I didn't make any mistake. Otherwise I have to file it again and won't get the money!
(Photo: The short chat I had with the Indian guy about my medical expenses through the tax software for 2005 income tax file)

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