Tuesday, March 07, 2006


It was a very busy day yesterday. First I went to Hojam to get my yogurt drink from him. What he makes is so refreshing and I love it. Then I got to SAIT library and studied for a few hours where P. M. joined me. Then we went and watched Firewall. I always liked Harrison Ford but that was not because of movies like Star Wars or Indiana Jones, although I liked them a lot. I like him in movies like Witness and The Fugitive.
I was surprised when the movie was ended. Not because of what we saw at the end. That was likely to happen. I noticed that Firewall was among the movies that I didn't feel bored and didn't look at my wrist watch every often! It happened even during a few other movies with bigger stars and names. But the movie has weak points like every other movie. For example there is a scene that the kidnappers' boss is sitting besides Ford's son while having tea and biscuit and talking to him. Then he offers the kid some biscuit and the kid asks if it does peanut or something like that in it and the guy takes a quick look at the cover and says no. The next scene shows the kid on the floor and the family gathers together trying to bring him back to life as he's hurt after having some of that biscuit. He's allergic to something. They look everywhere for the medicine that helps him in such situations and can't find it. Ford asks the guy to give him the needle and after a few seconds while the kid has almost gone, he gives them the thing and they apply it and the kid breathes and is back to life and everything is cool. Why there's a scene like that in the movie? I don't see any reason for that.
(Photo: Ford at the desk while two kidnappers are watching him in a scene of Firewall)

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