Sunday, June 03, 2007

Back to Ottawa with great big hope

I tried to sit on the damn chair and watch the entire game yesterday because I cancelled my cycling trip but was only able to watch the first period entirely. Then I took a break to water the trees and flowers and watched the last minutes of the third. Regardless of the controversial score Ottawa beat the Ducks 5-3 and will face them again this Mon. What happened is there was a shot from distance which then was deflected and Alfredsson, the Swedish player of the Senators pushed it in just by having it hit on his foot, something that almost happened last year. Ryan Smith had a score which the puck hit part of his chest and went in. The Oilers didn't even make it to the Playoffs this year.
(Photo: This photos shows the moment after the puck went in the Ducks' net and it was 3-3 then)

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