Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hu”Sane” or Hu”Insane”!?

I was in the shower today and for unknown reason something hit me: Is Hu”sane” was really sane or in the contrary he was actually Hu”insane”? Hussein, which has different spellings in English, as Shia Muslims believe sacrificed his whole family for the sake of Islam. He refused to obey the one who reigned at the time, claiming that because he was the prophet’s grandchild, the sovereign should be his! The ruler beat the shit out of the whole family and followers but surprisingly one of his three sons survived! Shia says he wasn’t killed because he was sick at the time! Why he was not killed by such brutal army, as a result of an illness while they took the whole family, that’s the question which has never been answered and proves how stupid and ridiculous the entire story and the other stories that Islam has made up so far, are. Considering this is a true story, it stands by the fact that he was actually Hu”Insane” not Hu”Sane” because who commits a family suicide because of thirst for power? Only an insane person. Islam is an idea or path, no matter good or bad (which I pick the second choice), it remains in the minds and hearts of the believers and not such an act is needed, unless it's fake.


Rodrigo said...

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Derica said...

Good for people to know.