Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dr. S. (Dr. Ass!)

I met Dr. S. last Mon. after a few e-mails we exchanged. Dr. S. teaches in SFU and is a graduate from London School of Economy and Political Sciences. His wife is A. J.’s sister. I’ve known her since A. J.’s wedding. She used to be a very sociable and nice girl, full of energy, a great dancer and just a lovely girl, a few years older than me. But she’s a mess now, looks much older than her age, depressed and home sick. She had unsuccessful marriage years before coming to Canada and that’s probably why she’s stuck to Dr. S. ever since although he’s just a pain in the ass, as he’s actually Dr. Ass! They have to girls. The girls are so shy at the ages of early high school and you don’t hear a word of them in 5 hours! Their mother believes that’s because the way her husband socializes which actually means he doesn’t!
Dr. S. was sent to a university in Montreal, PQ by the university he used to teach in back in his home country and then applied for a permanent visa and was accepted (like everybody else who does. Canada is a big trash can! Why don’t you join us here?) and they moved to this part of the country after a while because she (The Dr. S.’s wife) wanted to be close to her brother. She hoped that helps her with her solitude. It did a little bit but she’s gone and will never come back. She takes different medications and looks much older than A. J.’s wife who’s at least 6 years older than her, I think!
I wanted to talk to him to see what he says about the current situation and if he recommends anything.
First of all what I noticed is he’s not a sociable guy and likes to spend most of his free time on his own, reading and writing. But that’s fine and that’s actually why I chose him to have a chat with but he was not in the picture. I was expecting much more from him. I thought he knows what’s goin’ on around him but he doesn’t! We went for a walk in the park and when we were back, his wife offered dinner but he was pushing me out! After all he’s from Isfahan. For the ones who might not know, Isfahani fellas have the same reputation as Scot! He and A. J. don’t get along with. I think he doesn’t get along with anyone! A. J. accuses him of being lazy and someone who spends his most of the time in bed! He said that he offered helped and asked Dr. S. a good deal if he let him, A. J., to use his money for investment but the Dr. refused and said that he would use it in a better way and finally used up all the money they had which was around $150,000.
No! I didn’t like him and might not meet with him again but the good thing about him, may be the only one is that he admits most of the things I’m writing here about him!

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