Monday, June 25, 2007

Devastating Punch

Mike started framing the house in Zenith Road in mid. March and for different reasons he most of the times horsed around. His initial agreement was $36,000 for the whole framing and then once A. J. increased it to $38,000 just as a boost but even that didn't help. He was either late or absent and never able to gather enough people to do the job. He went up all the way to the second floor, though. I reported every day to A. J. and sent him photos of the progress. It has really not been good in past few days.
I was the only one who helped Mike in Wed. and Thu. and he didn’t work Fri., Sat. and Sun. I told him yesterday that he had already crossed the red line but he said that he didn’t care and he would walk away any time he wanted. A. J. came up with a new guy today after I said that nobody was working. The guy, after reviewing the plans and negotiations, accepted the job for a reasonable price that would satisfy A. J.. So we went to Mike’s place to tell him what had happened and he wasn’t there and finally we met at the job site. He wasn’t expecting this and that almost tore him down. I think he thought that A. J. had to go with him as that would cost him a lot more if someone else takes over. But A. J. finally found the one he wanted and that was like a shock to Mike. Although he apologized to A. J. and shock his hand and accepted the full responsibility for the project delay and that’s what I like about these people but obviously he was acting like a complete idiot. He not only lost this job but also any chance to get a job with the other project of A. J. in the town or anywhere else. Some people just don’t have that kind of capability to finish something that they started and are not able to assess before they start. Mike is one of them and so is A. J.! He’s in a deep trouble, trying to sell one of the two big expensive houses. He talked to one realtor today in the afternoon and she would list it for three months while at the same time the other guys are working on the other one. We went to their small office and A. J. was goin’ to cancel his contract with them but they convinced him that they are on the track and doin’ fine. They needed more time and said that there are 42 other houses $700,000 or above in the town listed! Enjoy, you unorganized and mismanaged man! After all I don’t feel good about it. I know how it feels when someone loses his or her job. Regardless of the fact that whose fault that is, what’s important is you lost your job and you have to start over. Mike can do a job fast though and I know he’s in debt! Fuck this shitty life!
(Photo: Mike and Brian are looking down on the road shortly after we erected the wall. I took this photo almost 10 days ago)

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