Thursday, June 07, 2007

Winner: the Ducks

It was obvious that Anaheim wins this season’s Stanley Cup from the beginning of the series in CA. Regardless the fact that they won both the home games not very easy, 3-2 and 1-0. But they were started the season very strongly and then in game 4 in Ottawa they beat the Senators 3-2 while Pronger had been already suspended from the game. It showed that the Ducks are not so dependent on one guy. Anyhow I wanted to watch game 5 but just after a few minutes when the Senators accepted the first goal left the room and went to the mower! When I got back, the Ducks were celebrating a 6-2 victory and the Stanley Cup! So again a Canadian team didn’t win the Cup after the last time which was 14 years ago. Last year Edmonton was the finalist and the year before there was the lock out and in 2004 Calgary lost the chance. Let’s wait for the next season, the one that I’m goin’ to watch a game for the first time in an arena.
(Photo: The Ducks got a goal by one of the Senators who passed it to the goalie while he was skating away and wasn't watching)

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