Sunday, June 17, 2007


I really don’t feel good about myself these days. I feel that I’m not the strong guy I used to be, neither mentally nor physically. It’s mostly because the dark future that is waiting for me! I try to keep saying that everything is goin’ to be fine but I know that nothin’ is gonna be OK until I try hard to dig myself out of this shit! I called those bastards in CF Vancouver office and left a massage and also e-mailed them but no one replied back. That’s something that I still think could be a cure.
I went to the project site to see what’s happening yesterday morning and I was off at about 04:00 PM and wanted to go for a ride but didn’t go until almost 07:10! I went up the same route as the last ride and because that was late and the road was so foggy, I just took a few photos and got back. I broke a sweat but hopefully I defeat this laziness and over-eating and go for a good ride today if it’s not raining. I’ve also planned to meet with Dr. S. to consult him about the possibility of graduate studies in any school and hopefully that happens this Mon. I’ll write about that, if it happens.
(Photo: I was surrounded by fog after just a few miles up the road and decided to go back. Happily the road was not busy, just a few cars passed by)

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