Monday, June 04, 2007

Don't Mess With Me!

I decided to go and have a look at the house that we’re building at the other side of the town in the afternoon. I went there and obviously nobody was working. Those bastards don’t work their regular time! I didn’t expect to see them. So I went up the first floor and collected a few bottles and cans which had been dispersed all over and then got up the second floor that have been sheeted recently. I started looking around as it’s beautiful and then I think that I heard a rock or something falling down the house! I paid not much attention at the beginning and it kept coming. I got down and saw that all the five cans and bottles which I had put on the table are on the floor! Someone was a good shooter! I climbed down the ladder and started looking around. There’s actually no one in the neighbours who would such a stupid thing! The house in the back is belongs to an old couple. The lady went to the municipality at the start of the project and complained which led us to build a retaining wall but everything has been cool ever since. I most of the time talk to the man who’s a retired CN employee and he let me in his yard and I took photos of his beautiful flowers and I will. The house at the right side is occupied by tenants and we have no problems with them. So I really had no idea who he or she would be.
Then I called 411 and got RCMP number of the town and called them. They sent someone after about 10 min. That was one of the most beautiful girls whom I had ever seen in my life but a redneck like most of the Caucasian people. She, although, walked around and asked me questions and showed her presence and then Mike showed up. He apparently had received a call from the guy who lives across the street. I could easily say that the way the woman officer treated Mike was completely different from me. She was very friendly and shock hand with him. She could have been hungry for a cock and Mike could be a good choice!
Anyhow we all left after a few more min. of conversation and today Brian, the guy who called Mike said that it could have been bottles out! And I was thinking: That could be right in a way. No one could be so accurate. And could be wrong too: How in the hell all the bottles and cans got hit?
(Photo: This beautiful but very tiny flower called Lily of Valley and I took it with my Yashica camera in the yard of the back neighbour)

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