Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Second Attempt: Failed!

I took the same trial that I did last Mon. And I hoped that I go all the way and come back home. I felt a little better at the beginning when I started at 11:30 and after a few hundred meters I saw another cyclist ahead of me. I hoped I catch up with him or her and say: You need a boost?! I was trying to focus on my paces while heard people are talking. I turned back on the bike and saw a bunch I bikers getting close. They easily caught up with me and left! I then reached them when we all reached a flat area but then when we get to a downhill then just let it go and got disappeared! I decided to go steady and slow. Well ... not slow, just a normal speed. Then I saw a couple and I stopped frequently for photos. When I once stopped on a bridge, I asked them if they knew how far we were from the town. The man took out a map and showed me where we were. We were half way through!
They then left and stayed a little longer for a few shots and after that I never saw them again. I was sure that they are not so fast to be able to get so far. They probably took another trail. I went and went and it was getting really hot and I was tired. I took my sweater off and had the bars I had with me but after asking a couple who were driving an ATV I decided to go back! The road was getting narrower and it was all slope up and I was not sure if that took me back to the town, so I just rode all the way back. I got home at about 03:25! I will hit that road but next time with extra food, water, map and lighter cover.
(Photo: Using my digital camera I took this photo on the bridge where I met the couple and they told me that we were half way through)

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