Saturday, June 30, 2007

The 4th Anniversary

Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of my weblog’s being up and running but I was too tired to write. Beside nothing special has happened recently in life to write about and not much in the country. But the reason that I was too tired is the job I normally do. That’s not something which makes me so tired that I’m not able to drop a few lines. What’s the cause is a telephone I received at about 01:30 AM. That was a girl whom has been introduced to me almost 4 months ago by Aunt I. She’s the nicest girl amongst all that I’ve met so far and I’m planning to see her soon. F. F. is almost 10 years younger than me, petite, beautiful with long brunette hair, a real craftswoman, a graduate of nursing school and someone who runs everything for the family. I’m quite optimist now and I hope I can marry her, partially because I’m sick of this lonely life.
Anyhow we’re in touch through e-mail but she wants me to call her every often. Last time I e-mailed her and she didn’t answer me for a long time until I called her. I got cut out after just two min. but according to Aunt I. She was happy with the phone call and then she e-mailed me back after a long time and I called her as an answer. The phone call I received after the mid-night was the one in response to my call.
So starting the 5th year of blogging is with a hope of marring a nice, decent, understanding, loving girl called F. F. and put a permanent end to single life.

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