Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dog Is Better Than God!

I went to North Vancouver to renew the van’s insurance which will be expired in June the 23rd and a dumb ass told me that I should have all the records from Alberta and then be there in a week day to go to an ICBC office to fill out the forms and get it all done. So I called A. J. and told him the story and then he invited me over to his home in Coquitlam. But when I was heading west, taking Highway No. 1, I missed my exit, crossed Fraser River and went all the way to Surrey! Fortunately I didn’t go too far, made a U-turn and went there.
I was gonna spend a few hours in the cities but spent most of my time in their house and Futureshop in the neighbourhood, playing hockey on a PlayStation 3!
Then we went back home and watched TV, A. J.’s Mom who has been recently arrived for a visit confused God with dog! And I said actually dog is better than God! Because as Cyrus wrote me once and I truly believe in that, God didn’t create us, we created God. But what can we do? So many people are fooled themselves with bullshits like God, religion, Lord, heaven and hell and that’s not easy to make them understand. I’d rather leave them or ignore then as long as they are not in my company. Like what Frank said once in Everybody Loves Raymond: Screw them! Who needs friends like that?! And I add: And people like that too!

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