Saturday, June 23, 2007

Close to Garibaldi Park

As I had decided last week I went for a ride today but couldn’t start sooner than 03:40 PM. I started in Valley Cliff and instead of taking the same road I took the road at left, the one which has a warning about the logging trucks.
My plan was taking the trial which takes you eventually after a long ride to Britannia Beach, the place I was goin’ to have a post about it but that one starts at right and goes to the east while the one I took goes to the left. I confronted a few guys of a contractor company who were climbing up one of the power line. None of them told me that the road is dead end but it was just after few meters from them! Then I returned and took another route and after crossing a bridge saw a three cyclist and found out that I’m at the University Heights. Those guys pulled over after a few meters as their vehicle was parked there and I continued on my own. That was a wide and easy road but uphill all the way up. I didn’t see any other cyclist. Surprisingly when I almost approached to the point that was actually my point of return, I found a few houses, big houses and that was where I saw a sign indicating the road goin’ to Garibaldi Provincial Park.
I saw two guys from Alberta right at the corner of the road and one of them told me that it’s 20 min. to half an hour to the boundary of the said park. That was late and I decided to go back home, with this thought in my mind that next time I can start early and get to the park around noon as I know where to go now. It was almost 06:45 PM when I got back and I should say that was a 3-hour good ride. I took another way to get home. I went down the hills of the University and got into Mamquam road and then taking Highway 99 and Clarke took me to my suite.
(Photo: Mamquam River over the bridge next to the Power House)

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