Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Meltdown

I watched Ice Age : The Meltdown today in Chinook. That's incredibly funny and entertaining although the story is just good for kids. I haven't watched the first part but might get that through the net and take a look. It's amazing that the crew could make a movie out of a simple story of migration of group of animals from a valley to another place and lengthen it for 90 min.!
During the movie I noticed that one of the voices are very familiar to me and that was the voice of the male mammoth. I couldn't figure it out and then I checked YAHOO Movies when I got home and found out it's Ray Romano, the guy in the hilarious TV show, Everybody Loves Raymond. That's one of the best shows I've ever seen and it was when we and Resurrect used to live together and had cable TV. Not anymore!
Anyhow the movie is good and not boring. But worth watching only once and in a movie theatre only. Even me who watches most of the movies more than 10 times, am not interested to watch this again. I'm not saying it's bad. Simply put it's a kids movie and very amusing for them.
The destination was, in the movie, somewhere not really far to protect them from a flood which would happen as a result of meltdown and global warming. And as the male mammoth was trying to learn if he's the last of his species, I thought may be the director wants to kind of tell the story of Noah and his Ark. But the rest of the movie didn't go that way especially when they found themselves on the ground shorty after the flood and a flock of mammoths appeared.
(Photo: Ray Romano the star of TV series Everybody loves Raymond, the very interesting and funny TV Show which I like very much, voices a giant mammoth in the movie)

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