Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Second Citizenship(!)

The Lady was eventually given this opportunity to attend the Citizenship Ceremony yesterday and I of course accompanied her and joined other in the same ceremony after more than 7 years. This was held in the same building that I took my Oath but in a bigger room with more people, I guess a total of 100. The judge, a beard short gentleman with a big smile managed the ceremony very well and said very nice things that I for a moment got emotional. He said: ... Many of you escaped from war or corrupt societies ... and I thought of ourselves who came a rich country which its own people destroyed it and still doing it! The people I tried to warn them years before leaving and never listened and now are in a much bigger trouble compare to the days that I was continuously giving them warnings about the danger of a religious government. 
Nevertheless it was a nice ceremony and even a few kids who were crying at times didn't bother me although the judge's assistant had to mention that a few times. The problem with the Oath of Citizenship is the nobody ever believes and commit him or herself to this oath, like many other promises and oaths! Maybe I'm too pessimist! I correct: Not many fell accountable to what they have sworn in at the time of the oath.
(Photo: I took photographs both from the ceremony room but I'm not sure weather publishing other people's photo would be a right thing to do. For that reason I have a photo of a series and Canadian Provinces flags as well as the country's which are hoisted in front of the Government building) 

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